Granada   Description Outdoor Gear or Automated roller blinds. Perfect for closing off your patio for a clean and modern look. Available as free hang with hold down brackets or add tracks with side guide system to seal off the blind com

Forenza 250   Description Light duty retractable fold arm awning. Affordable fold arm awning that can cover up to 4500mm width with a 2000mm projection. Ideal for providing shade for you outdoor area while having the choice to retract t

Barcelona   Description Fall arm Awning with spring loaded arms that can extend to either 90 degrees or 170 degrees(they can be stopped at any point). Perfect Awning to provide shade at any angle required to block out that direct sunlig

Glydashade   Description Ideal for existing pergolas or fixed structures. This Retractable awning ,operated with a system of pulleys and ropes, not only provides shade and protection from the elements but also adds to the aesthetics of

A variety of fixed and retractable awnings. Perfect for providing shade and cover over windows and doors. There are 6 different style to choose from, each having there own unique benefits. Choose from a number of fabrics and colours to suit your need