Somfy Motors
Motorize your awning to secure your investment and make the most of your patio. Operate your awning or drop blind without moving, with a single click of the remote control unit, which send your orders to the awning using secure radio technology. The system is easy to install, with no cable between the control units and the motors. What’s more, by choosing Somfy, you can also manage all motorized household openings and are also Google home compatible.
To protect the longevity of your awning, you can introduce various sun and wind sensors to guard the product from the elements.
Why Choose Somfy?
Somfy drive units comply with European safety standards.  They are designed and tested to stand up to several thousand cycles of use under the most difficult climatic conditions. Before they are installed in your home, 100% of Somfy products are tested on the production line.  Somfy products have a 5 year guarantee.