Proudly manufactured in South Africa. Riptech is a canvas fabric that has been designed to do with the harsh climatic conditions experienced throughout Africa. Riptech fabric is waterproof and is ideal for all drop blinds and fixed awnings and is available in a variety of colours.



A PVC coated polyester fabric. LAC 650 SL is exceptional in all areas: Developed for static or dynamic use. With a Cleangard topcoat lacuer for ease of maintenance and a Lowick System for long-term protection. Attractive colours and smooth surface. Excellent protection against the sun, rain and wind.


Outlook Mode

Outlook mode is a mesh fabric that block and reflect up to 95% of solar energy while still allowing air to passthrough. Helping to create a cooler, more comfortable environment naturally. Fabrics are UV treated, easy to clean and have a 10 year warranty.




Sheerweave is a 100% polyester fabric suitable all drop blinds, Drop arms and Foldarm awnings. There are 12 modern colours to choose from and has a 5 year warranty.

Weave: 2x2 Basket weave

UV Blockage: approximately 95%

Openness factor: approximately 5%

Weight: 488 grams per metre.



Awnings for sun protection, patio shades and tents... The new orchestra by Dickson Collection reflects the no made, no limit spirit. With a total of 197 designs, this is the largest range of outdoor awnings currently Available on the market. The use of materials is innovative and the selection of stripes And colours is second to none. Authentic, classic chic or designer, orchestra allows Your imagination to run wild.

Using an ultra-resistant high tech material, orchestra 2008 provides unrivalled Performance, incorporating UV protection, light filter and natural air conditioning... Representing superior French quality in 100 countries, orchestra 2008 has become Symbolic of the expertise of Dickson, the leading supplier of outdoor-indoor fabrics In the world.