Our Company

 Ventolite Blinds was started in September 1968 by Barry and Beryl Busby and owners of Ventolite NSB Ltd, Northampton England. A year later Alan (Ventolite NSB’s Commercial Manager) and Chris Knight joined Ventolite Blinds as partners. In 1986 Ventolite NSB decided to dispose of their shares, which were purchased jointly by the Busby and Knight shareholders. In June 2008 Ventolite Awnings was separated from Ventolite Blinds, becoming owned by Stephen Knight and Gareth Warrington who have a combined 50 years of experience in the awning and blind industry.

Ventolite Awnings the sole representative for Llaza S.A of Spain who manufacture awning components of the highest quality.

Ventolite Awnings has over 90 dealers throughout Southern Africa.

Our Mission

To supply the customer with the best quality outdoor product at an acceptable price and delivery whilst providing personalised assistance and back up service.

Our Vision

To provide the customer with products that are suited to today's modern lifestyle, using eco friendly materials as well as looking into future design of materials and products.

Our Values

To make sure that every product that leaves the factory has been manufactured to the highest level of quality and that we provide an unmatched back up service to all of our customers.